My Story.

I was living in Nelson and I took a chance at a job opportunity in Queenstown. I moved down, then the guys I was working for went bust. I tried to get a job at the opposition but he was selling up. He said I could take over the client base for $10,000.

"It was hard. We had to sell the boat to cover rent."


Up until recently I didn’t even know how many bank accounts I had. Hunter McLeod helped with the bank, my phones, my loans, and all of the accounts. Because you can talk to Rae, they’re a great business to deal with. She’s great with her advice.

Running the Business

The hours and the stress are tough. I’ve been self employed since I was 23. We went first 10 years without taking a holiday.

I enjoy lots of aspects, but it’s the freedom I like most. I've just been up in Auckland at a conference discussing new technology, that's pretty cool.

If you’re running a business it’s a great thing to do, but its just me [running it]. It's stressful. That’s where Hunter McLeod comes in good, they look after the book side of things.

"I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t have Rae."


Its been great, just having someone I can call up and talk to. We’ve always had good service.


We got involved with Hunter McLeod while we were doing the access control in their new development. It was The Forge building and we got on really well with the team. They looked like a really friendly bunch. They were also one of the few firms that had Xero up and running.

They run my business. I do the quoting and the tools and they charge everything out and do my GST. I don’t have any admin staff, Hunter McLeod are my admin staff. I haven’t got an office which saves me $20k a year, I don’t have another staff member that I would be paying 8 hours a day, I don't have any of the worries that come with extra staff.

They do everything for me. I like having the security that my books are up to date every month. The way it’s happening with them now, everything is relevant, everything is up to date.

"There’s no stress".


Because they’re attached to my accounts, I get emails to say how much GST and how much PAYE I need to pay.

If I was to do it myself it would cost a great deal more, I’d be slower, and I’d be off the tools. I don’t want to work all night, I’ve got kids at home and that's more important to me.