My Story.

I had worked in other fashion houses, one was a vertical store which only sold its own brand and another was a big NZ brands store which sells other brands, and I also did a degree in design.

I bought the business off my friend in 2012. She gave me two folders and the keys. Rae [Hunter McLeod] was invaluable at the initial stuff, then it grew into budgets and forecasting. Angus [Hunter McLeod] helped me put in new software systems and the online store.

A lot of the initial business things were driven by passion, knowing the industry well, and having friends in the industry too. Fundamentally I knew what we needed in terms of a mixture. 80% cash cow, 20% show ponies. I understood what successful fashion businesses looked like.

What do you like about running a business?

I like the people, and I like women feeling good about themselves. It’s a form of expression. We don’t need clothes but they help us feel good. If we’re going to wear something we might as well feel good.

Why Hunter McLeod?

Rae’s been a long time Queenstown local, and I can have a chat to her about the Queenstown business climate to get a feel of the market. One thing that I like about Rae is she’s very compassionate, it’s not just an analytical thing or a number crunching thing. She understands that I’m a mum, she understands that things are stressful. She’s very empathetic.

Rae encouraged me to create my own clothing brand, to make a better margin and create my own brand.

"She’s quite big space thinking. Big picture. Goals."


Rae & The Team

They [Hunter McLeod] are really good with contracts, wages, forecasting, brand reports, every 6 months we put reports together based on margins, turnover and that sort of thing.

To be honest I think Rae and the team are really good. The Xero stuff is really good, Hunter McLeod do all of that. It’s great.

"They’re really good."


If there’s any time when I’m not sure about something, they’ll put a review together and we’ll have time to ponder it and go in. That to me is gold.

"We talk about current, and moving foward."