Our Story.

For me it was always a dream to work for myself, to be my own boss. I knew one day that’s what I wanted. It was about finding the right time. I don’t think there is a time when you're ready, you just have to commit to going out and doing it. We weren’t really ready, but it’s like having a baby, there’s never a perfect time to do it, you just have to go ahead and do it.

We’ve been in town for a few years now and we knew quite a few people. When we went out on our own that gave us a headstart.

Caleb’s a good friend as well as my accountant.

"I call him if I have a problem."


Running a business.

When I came to Queenstown I watched my boss and saw what he did right and what I'd do differently. I was learning what he was doing all the time. We’re self taught really. I just watched and observed other people in those sort of leading postions.

To be honest, Calebs been a big help. We didn’t have a clue about tax going into it. In the first couple of meetings we went over Xero. I thought WHAT. AM. I. DOING. HERE but a few weeks later it all became clearer. I use it everyday.

Caleb has been a big help from the start.

"We know what we need to pay and when we need to pay it, and we put the money aside so we're always sorted at tax time."


Rae has been a big help too. She’s given us useful advice with pointers on things like quoting. She knows what she's doing. She wouldn’t be here, doing what she does if she didn’t know what she was doing.

My friend in Dunedin is in the same business as us. His accountant doesn't tell him anything, his accountant never rings, and he never gets tax reminders.

Why do you have a business?

We like being responsible for ourselves. We like making the right calls and keeping everyone happy. We like keeping clients happy. It wasn't fun working for someone else and getting told what to do. Once in a while we get a little more time to do what we want to do too.

The Accountants

The accountants, (Hunter McLeod) do our tax. They taught us about provisional tax, first year tax, which tax rates to go on, money coming in, money coming out, if we're doing good or bad, and sound business advice.

"We’re really happy with Hunter Mcleod"

They’ve guided us, with great advice.