My Story.

I’d always wanted to go out on my own. I always wanted to have a go. I bought Lakeland in 2008. Started off with 2 vans and 2 dudes. There’s 9 vehicles there now and we’ve got about 11 staff.

I learnt a bit from running a construction team in the UK. There was only about 5 of us when I was working for my old boss. I was quoting, running the workshop and helping run the business. I was kind of self taught really. I did do a business management course in Queenstown with Peter Wakka when I got back. There was a class every Wednesday.

"You guys are awesome,

I don’t know what I’d do without you guys."


Hunter McLeod

I bought Lakeland in 2008. We had a different accountant but it didn't work out. I’d worked with Rae before, I did all the glass for Rae's building. That must be 15 years ago.

"They make my life easier."


Pretty much they cover everything. They do my wages now too, I don’t have to do the PAYE, I don’t miss anyone out, and there's no mistakes. Now I’ve got my head around it, it’s easy and it means I can keep doing this. I can keep doing what I'm good at.

Caleb does all of the financials, tax, end of year financial, planning. Sarah does my PAYE and Terry, he’s doing the wages now.

"My experience has been awesome."