Our Story.

We bought this place 2011. Steve worked here and he was close with the guy who trained him. Fast foward a while and his wife sold the business. 11 years later we’re still here. We just jumped straight into it. It wasn’t how to run a business. [Steve] For me, it was just about getting stuck into it. I knew how to run the workshop.

[Amanda] Steves family gave us a lot of advice too. My dad had experience in running commercial sites and finances.

Before we moved to Hunter McLeod we didn't have much support. We had to incorporate it ourselves, we GST registered ourselves too, we had no money but we just got into it. Just had to wing it.

"Once we moved to Hunter McLeod, it made things a lot more simple."


We started with one guy and now we’ve got between 10 and 12. We started with one old van, now we’ve upgraded machinery, vans, vehicles and we’ve got a new workshop. It's quality work, with clients that support you, we’ve been really lucky in that respect. I like the client relationships.

"We rely on our accountants a lot."


The accountants keep us alive, they keep us afloat. Our tax obligations, even our staff. I do all the Crystal payroll which has been a lifesaver and we can do it all on the cloud.

They're great advisors. I literally ring Caleb for anything; new purchases, whether it’s something we should be looking to do, or pointing out the risks involved and

"I think they’re a big part of our success."


And honest too. Our first accountants did our books and that was it, no reminders, no reports.

Caleb does our personal stuff too. He liaises with all the banks, help us with the houses we build, etc. "They [Hunter McLeod] go above and beyond what you would expect from your daily accountant."